Waterproof and Strong Flash discs-Corsair Voyager-GT

Two excellent USB flash drive from the famous company Corsair Voyager series. These are the classic model of Voyager and Voyager GT, both with support for USB 3.0 interface. Both models are recognizable design and brand adhesive, with more than a good transfer speeds, but the model GT leads.
Corsair seems to be at full strength returns to the market, and are anxious to see power supply by which this company is widely known. Meanwhile, there are some products of memory, such as flash drives, for example. For some time we have not seen any specific innovations when it comes to flash drives, not counting the transition to a USB 3.0 interface, and then the producers essentially recycle old models, without some innovation. Therefore, the Voyager series of drives we know more than before, and the test approached us and classic GT model in capacities of 32GB.
Corsair Voyager__specification
Interface: USB 3.0, labeled 190 MB / s read, 40 MB / s write (for Voyager GT model)
Capacity: 32GB
Corsair Voyager and Voyager GT
Corsair Voyager and Voyager GT are virtually identical external flash drives with a difference only in color: Voyager is a classic black and white color scheme, while the GT model black and white version, the GT logo. If you are associated with the GT sports cars, it is not that far from the truth as the GT model differs in performance. Specifically, while the classic Voyager fits the USB 3.0 specification in terms of speed (both models have clearly indicated that this is a USB 3.0 model), GT model records the results to 190MB / s read and 40MB / s for writing data, which is every respect. The build quality is another protective stuff when it comes to the Corsair, and there really is no room for any remarks or notes, discs are superb craftsmanship.
As it is already very well known, Voyager models are placed in a fully rubberized casing which is practically a single piece of rubber, and a rubber cap, which was initially a little harder to remove and return to the point. After some time, will also loosen and remains a danger to accidentally drop and losses are, as it is not anything related to the body of the disc. On the back side we have a slot for hanging straps, except that it is not as add-ons for the key ring unfortunately not provided in the package. In addition to this slot is a status diode that lights up quite strongly. As we expected, these drives are waterproof and resistant to shocks and falls (serving force to 40G), so it’s hard to imagine that it can be both physically damaged (Just look at clips on YouTube).

Voyager GT__1

As for data rate, the Voyager model achieves the expected results that meet the USB 3.0 standard, as expected, while GT model provides even more, read and write speeds of 190Mbps and 40Mbps, respectively, according to the specification of the manufacturer. These discs provide us with more interesting designs than competition do, offering good performance. They are made to last for a long time and withstand all the things that the average disk never could.

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