Toshiba 40L7335D new TV series L7 model for 2013th

It is,of course,the smart TV that has a number of features. Some of them are related to the Internet, such as the example applications and various types of contents, which were consolidated into a new portal called Cloud Toshiba TV. Also, this is a 3D TV that uses active display technology, with which the package you get two free pairs of glasses. How to watch content that was displayed without blur in fast-moving scenes in movies or sports broadcasts, Toshiba has included 200 AMR refresh the screen. If you’re wondering what to AMR – it stands for Active Motion Resolution.
What is also important in this model are its good features for connectivity . First of all , in order to bring Internet TV , the television is embedded WiFi module , so there is no need for dragging a LAN cable. Wireless opens the door to several technologies, such as Intel WiDi that allows wireless transfer pictures from your laptop, and there’s also Miracast support . If you have a mobile phone with this feature , it can be useful to show and HDMI MHL support, which allows cloning screen of your smartphone on your TV screen .

Toshiba 40L7335D-2

Toshiba L7335D come with Skype application , but since it is not present in built-in camera for video calls, you need to buy a model that is compatible with the TV . From built-in digital tuners that are DVB -T and DVB – C and DVB -T2 unfortunately that is actually present in the standard of our country will not be able to follow this model. You will not be able to watch digital channels over the air , but there is an alternative such as a digital cable . There is also an option PCO , namely capture content from digital channels to an external USB device. In order to have good sound quality , Toshiba has included here and Audyssey technology.
Since in this model uses an LED backlight type, it allows him to keep the thin side. The buttons to control the TV are located on the back of the left. Here you will also find all the other important connections. First of all, on the side available to have two USB ports, three HDMI inputs (two classical and one MHL), 3.5mm headphone jack and a CI slot.

Toshiba 40L7335D-3 Toshiba 40L7335D-4Toshiba 40L7335D-remote

On the back there is the rest of the ports, such as the fourth HDMI input, optical audio output, LAN port, Component video, SCART, RGB-PC input and the antenna. The remote that comes with the TV is long and gray in color, with white rubber button bar at the top and bottom. On it there is a black part which includes navigation buttons are black with shallow foot. The buttons for navigation options are small, slightly hard and inconvenient to press, and separated by a larger buttons that are used for navigation and mouse movements on web pages in the browser.
Menu is gray, It is a bit transparent and is composed of eight categories – Picture, Sound Options, Installation, netword 3D, Timers and Get Help. We want to draw attention to the response to the set command slower, which at the moment knows how to repay for several seconds, and knows how much it bothers me. We do not know who installed the processor, but the overall experience of using a certain delay. Within the Picture menu is a six picture modes to choose from – Auto View, Dynamic, Standard, Hollywood Night, Hollywood and Hollywood Pro Day. Auto View uses an ambient sensor to assess the level of light in the room and therefore automatically adjusts the picture. We’re not too happy with this regime, so that still prefer to manually adjust things.
Toshiba L7335D uses active 3D display technology, and the good thing about it is that it does not have to buy a replacement glassesbecause in the package you get two pairs for free. Glasses are lightweight, comfortable and have a relatively solid design. Regarding the 3D view, we are very pleased with the results that this TV provides. 3D image has a good level of brightness, depth effect is a very good level and jitter is reduced. One of the advantages of active over passive technology is full resolution, so that the content has HD resolution and thus a high level of detail. The negative thing about the 3D glasses for this model is that the synchronization is performed using IR instead of via Bluetooth, so it’s going to occasionally lose the connection to the TV.
A useful thing about television is its built-in media player. There is therefore sufficient to switch the content you want to watch on a flash stick or external hard drive and turn it to the side into its USB port. We tried some of the most popular formats such as MKV, AVI and MP4 and all functioned without problems, whether it is on SD or HD material. However, the built-in media player is perfect, because we had problems with subtitles. We kept to the rules that the video file and subtitle have the same name and be in the same folder, but subtitles just was not as shown. Type of preview that we tried was the SRT. Another thing that will be useful and that is that the TV supports DTS sound. Speaking of sound, Audyssey technology provides very decent definition, but the speaker not very loud.

Toshiba 40L7335D-1

3D view is very good and also another plus is that in the package you get two pairs of active glasses for free. The input lag is quite high, but can be solved using the Game or PC mode images. Sound coming from the speakers is very decent thanks to Audyssey technology, although even at the highest setting is not too loud. The depth of color is very good, and do not forget the fact that the connectivity excellent TV! This is a TV that can wirelessly communicate with any of the newer laptops using Intel hardware, the built-in WiDi receiver, which (in this case) is not necessary to be purchased separately. In this way, you can easily and simply with a laptop image broadcast on TV. In short, Toshiba L7335D is a very decent TV, which is not without flaws, but there are also a number of advantages.


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  1. quisiera saber si hay un teclado que sea compatible con esta tv toshiba l7335D

  2. I own this peace of Junk. I can not say better!
    Yes it has some advantages. For me, this is VIMEO coutch mode. Another is quite decent HD picture and good color out of the box (without being calibrated), for show-off my wedding work to customers. Also have quite good sound from speakers (sound is weak and thin, but at least is very good weighted and pleasant to listen). I DO LIKE design of that TV, because it is not out of the space, like samsung-lg competitors are. I like screen surface when it is off (not glare, not matte, but between). I like menus quite so (it could be some more settings), and I like basic idea how SmartTV is presented.

    But everything else is pure crap on this TV and I would never buy or reccoment this TV if I would have it just as regular TV watvher. But since I bought this TV only for show-off my work from BluRay player, or USB or Vimeo, this is good enough.

    What I dislike, or hate:
    Very!!! slow SmartTV loading time. Option to fast load, it helps little, but not much. My 35 year old TUBE/CRT/BW TV warms up FASTER, than this top-of-the-line TOSHIBA!
    Utterly slow menu response (in needs 6 second to swith picture settings mode). It needs 3 seconds to ebgage even quick picture mode selection!!
    Crappy cluttered remore, which is not even illuminated, so in the dark user have no clue where to press. Every other remote I have/had was more intuitive in the dark. The only button it have dot is for volume. Navigation arrows are double in it is very likely to press wrong one.

    Smart TV have annoying center add, which autoplays at louder volumet than other programs. You can not control that. Some features are accesible only from there (they are not in regular place where other apps are), so user must WAIT up to a minute that add crawl to right one, to be than selected.

    App loading is just fast enough that is still acceptable. But Smart TV crashes or freezes often. You must NOT press buttons rapidly. Press, wait several seconds, if nothing press next one. If freezes, you must tirn off the TV.

    There is no way to organize or add features in CloudTV. So some are under “more”. A lot of clicking and waiting form menus.

    TELETEXT is beautifull. At least that. But picture of DTV is just BAD! It’s worse than our 5 year AOC LCD TV, or the last year Samsung (similar priced). Its bad even with HD programs. For SD is just crap. I don’t even want to compare it to the old CRT 32” TV I still have. On CRT there is no blockiness, no MPEG problems, but image is still sharper. Eye could resolve small text much better on smaller CRT than on this 40” LCD: What is often unreadable on LCD; you can still read on CRT. Bad, bad TOSHIBA.

    Than my Country is not listed in menu where you must choose residence. Because of that, hour is set wrong. Yes, it have menus in my language, and is supported, but country is not listed. I manages to set hour in DTV section, just try and error, with no clue to real hour (so I pushed time several hour forward, to compensate Smart TV was that much hours back.

    Picture settings: I just HATE that manual picture settings are need to be set for EVERY SOURCE again! Yes, for every HDMI, USB, TV, NETWORK… and acount the sluggish menu with this. I could spend a DAY just to set everywhere… but than I have feeling the settings get reset from time to time… oh boy, how much menuing and waiting this TV demands. Comparing that to Samsung or even old AOC… Toshiba WHY you PUNISH us so much with this crap?

    Another pearl is quick picture settings (upper left button bellow source button). It is acceptable slow but much, much (seconds) quicker than regular setting menu. But it dows NOT work when in USB playback mode. So it works elsewhere, but if playing movie from USB, just normal menu is awailable. Same for pictire aspect ration selection. But in this case you can NOT even select aspect ratio. So id movie have wrong PAR written, you can not correct that and only solution is to not watch it or reencoding it.

    Subtitles it is beautiful, bright and thin. really pleasant to see… when they work. They are chopped from left side or right too, often. But that is not somewhere it far edge, but at somewhere 1/3 of the screen. So really narrow. Another story is NOT showing any other encoding than unicode/english. So I must use external editor to “prepare” subtitles manually for that TV. Where Samsung or any other player I have, have selection to choose encoding.

    Audio is good. I like the option that enables internal speakers while headphones are connected, but feature is useless: No one will listen to headphones and having speakers on, but a lot of us would like to have external stereo speakers feeded from headphones jack, while still having benefit from TV’s speakers as central speaker. BUT between those two are 1/2 a second delay. So sound is like from a long tunel or church. Useless.

    I could go endlessly. But is enough to discourage anyone from buying this TV for other than:
    – PC connection
    – BluRay wieving (for DVD, the BD player have better upscale than this TV)
    – Vimeo/Youtube
    – USB watching (if English speaker)
    – 3D – it is really good but eve nhere not without glitch – flickering of glasses is really strong.
    – good color reproduction.

  3. Hi, i want to ask you if i could use this camera for tv model Toshiba 40L7335D

  4. michael fenech adami

    my tv has a problem lights on but no functions working

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