Sony unveiled the new SLT-A58 camera-with 20 megapixels

Sony, who often likes to make new NEX mirrorless cameras often surprising us with new models of SLR / SLT’s. Therefore, pleasantly surprising the new Alpha 58 with 20 megapixels.

When you hear the fact that one Canon celebrates 50 million sold DSLR cameras and lenses 80 million copies sold, it is not difficult to understand why Sony is investing more in new cameras, but the lenses. Even with Canon that has a huge selection of lenses most customers have only one or two lenses.

New Sony SLT-A58 inherits two camera models: Sony SLT-A37 and Sony SLT-A57. The main novelty is a sensor that has 20 megapixels, which means less than the SLT-A77 and SLT-A65 that have them 24. Reducing the number of megapixels that especially in this class the vast majority of users do not need is a laudable step.


The Sony promises that the new sensor is significantly improved dynamic range, which is one of those things that really needs to improve and nobody talks about it. In practice, this should mean that you can take pictures as the noon and simultaneously capture good detail in shadows, and the sky. Currently it can only using expensive Full Frame cameras or using techniques such as HDR.


Other news are not so significant. Built just 2.7-inch screen with 460,000 dots which is worse than the competition. Because the electronic viewfinder upgraded from LCD to OLED, which should give a clearer picture. There is a standard Full HD video at 50i or 25p.

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