Review-Toshiba 58L9363 UltraHD-The future of TVs is here

What is actually UltraHD and how much is better than the usual standard today? First of all, it is a 4K2K resolution, namely 3840 x 2160, which when multiplied get an impressive 8.2944 million pixels. Widely available 1080p standard has something just over two million, so this is about four times the amount of detail, which is very important. However, the availability of 4K material is now very rare, so you will not be able to watch a lot of TV original resolution.

It is of course the smart TV that a huge number of options. Some of them are related to the Internet, such as the example applications and various types of contents, which were consolidated into a new portal called Toshiba Cloud  TV. Also, this is a 3D TV that uses active display technology, with which the package you get two free pairs of glasses. How to watch content that was displayed without blur in fast-moving scenes in movies or sports broadcasts, Toshiba has included “800 AMR Fire” screen. If you’re wondering what is AMR – it’s Active Motion & Resolution.

First of all, in order to bring Internet TV, the television is embedded WiFi module, so there is no need for dragging a LAN cable. Wireless opens the door to several technologies, such as Intel WiDi that allows wireless transfer pictures from your laptop, and there’s also Miracast support. If you have a mobile phone with this feature, it can be useful to show and HDMI MHL support, which allows cloning screen of your smartphone on your TV screen.

Toshiba L9363 comes with the Skype application, but since it is not built-in camera for video calls, you need to buy a model that is compatible with the TV. From built-in digital tuners that are DVB-T2, DVB-C2, but also DVB-S2. There is also an option PVR, namely capture content from digital channels to an external USB device. In order to have good sound quality, Toshiba has included Audyssey technology.Always a useful thing in TVs is their built-in media player. There is therefore enough to switch the content you want to watch on a flash stick or external hard drive and turn it to the side into its USB port. We tried some of the most popular formats such as MKV, AVI and MP4 and all functioned without problems, whether it is a SD or HD material. Another thing that will be useful and that is that the TV supports DTS sound. Speaking of sound, Audyssey technology provides very decent definition, but the speaker not very loud.

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The picture quality is very good thanks to the A-MVA type panel that offers good contrast and deep blacks. As for the colors, they are fairly accurate, but with some variations, so the situation is not ideal. TV design is minimalistic and we like that,but we have a remark about the stability of the screen.
In terms of connectivity Toshiba L9363 is well covered by the presence of four HDMI inputs, but also with WiDi and MHL standard. There is also a good playback from USB with support for DTS sound.
The main advantage of this model is its price. Toshiba has decided to be quite competitive in the this field and has a lower price than the Sony, LG or Samsung. Price of 3,500 euros is still not accessible to everyone, specifically the TV will only be available for a handful of customers, but what is important is that it is available and offers excellent 4K2K resolution … which will now be unused – … 4K technology is not as inaccessible and unimaginable, it is natural that the first giant Toshiba 4K TV take our Innovative Technology award.

Toshiba 58L9363 UltraHD-2_3

– UltraHD 4K2K resolution
– Attractive minimalistic design
– Good depth of color
– Very good 3D view
– Two pairs of glasses for free
– WiDi and MHL support
– Decent sound quality


– Slow response to commands
– Entry delay in most modes is quite high
– Clean but not too loud sound
– Unused potential of 4K2K resolution

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