Proper use of Car air conditioner-tips and suggestions

Car air conditioner are an integral part of the equipment on new types of cars. Every air conditioner is required to maintain and thus significantly extend the operating life. Regular maintenance auto climate allows it to work correctly, which means above all clean and fresh air in the cabin, eliminating odors, nicotine and bacteria. It is recommended to control the device once a year.
Motor vehicle manufacturers recommend replacement of the pollen filter at every service of 10,000 km. Unpleasant smell from climate means that it needed a thorough cleansing treatment with special chemical substances.
Is the Car air conditioner are harmful to your health?
Auto climate means question the proper use and maintenance of car air conditioner. Many make mistakes and think it is absolutely irrelevant what the external air temperature. The bigger the difference of 5-6 ° C, in the passenger compartment of vehicles in relation to the outside temperature, produces a temperature shock on the human body.

Expert advice is that if we make the distinction between external and internal temperature greater than 10 ° C, turn off the air 15 minutes before the end of the ride, to temperature, how much equalize.

Another big mistake is irregular servicing and health is the most important treatment cleaning of algae, bacteria and viruses that need to apply each year. This sometimes causes respiratory infections, depends on the strength of the immune system and the type of virus, algae and bacteria already mentioned.
Proper use of car air conditioner
It is not advisable to include air conditioning when the car engine is not heated. If you must turn on the car air conditioner, set the airflow to a minimum.
For occasional involvement or driving on short routes, the evaporator does not have enough time to dry, and it was wet evaporator surface for bacteria and fungi start to stink when multiply.
Climate checks when buying a used car?
In the parking switch climate, you should hear the air and clicked pay attention to some undefined sound – noise. The scale of the engine speed will slightly come off – he got the air conditioning compressor. If you hear something, surely there is damage to the compressor or the system, and it is very possible that there is not enough gas and oil. If the sound does not increase, the climate must be set to the coldest and let it run about ten minutes. Then the temperature of the air exiting the secondary bars should be between 5-7 ° C. Since you are difficult to distinguish, you can touch it in the engine compartment “thicker” tube (the tube that comes out of the cab) and it must be cold.

Car air conditioner__1

The most common failures of car air conditioning:

Lack of Freon (due to cracking tube, pipe or radiator)

faulty compressor
Faulty fan
Coils Compressor Malfunction
Soiling cooler climate
faulty electrical installation

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