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Search on Facebook has been weak for years. Even if you typed the name of a friend, not sure what you will get as a result. Until it was introduced Facebook Graph Search – new search engine, which lists events not only from the global network, but from the user’s life. This is Facebook’s attempt to compete with the most popular search engines, but also to conquer the whole Internet. What is it and what can we expect from the innovation that comes with today’s most popular social network?

Graph search is “hot topic” these days, and for that, and I made ??sure that Facebook has been extensively briefed members about this new thing. There are, however, controversies related to the browser, which is still in beta and not available to everyone, but it’s clear that Facebook intends to search via Graph users an interesting way to provide access to the things you did not even know existed.



Functioning of Graph Search

Facebook users full years various information and data (statuses, comments, photos, “likes”), but so far have not been able to have a concrete view of all this information. Graph search is in beta and is available only to a small part of the Facebook community, but the interesting way to search the user’s personal information in the context of his social engagements.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is the presentation of the new browser pointed to Graph Search is a web browser and that it is not a replacement for Google. Another difference is that Graph Search uses phrases rather than keywords like Google search. For example, in Graph search the user will type in “Friends who love classical music and heavy metal” and receive relevant results.

Facebook says that users can search only the content that other users have shared with them, or who made the request. If something is blocked, it will not be found in search results, or if the user has not indicated that watching series “Game of thrones”, it will not also be listed. Those users who think that this kind of search is flawed or is closely profiled, rejoice information that is Graph Search associated with the  Bing search engine, search for classical content.


We mentioned already that Zuckerberg said that Graph Search is not a replacement for Google. However, if a billion Facebook users consider the use of Graph Search to search, this is definitely a distress signal. Every time a user contacts Facebook to help in the search, he does not use Google. The user will not now enter into Google: “cute pictures of cats,” but will instead enter the Graph Search phrase: “cute cats pictures of my friends.” Also, Google will give you a general idea of a photo, and you can search through Facebook browse photos (yours or your friends’) in March 2010. year, or photos of friends who were on holiday in Spain … So Graph Search Google is not, but it could be Google-other-stuff, and it’s a pretty big threat largest search engine.

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