Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M555b wireless

Excellent Bluetooth wireless mouse that comes as a successor model V550 Nano. Identical in shape, but a different color, with 1000DPI laser sensor and built-in Bluetooth adapter. Uses two AA batteries for power, and will stand up to a maximum of 4 months of use.
Logitech also offers a number of different mice, and a company with a long tradition of safe so great know how to make a good mouse. As a kind of successor of the popular model V550 Nano, get M555b. Wireless mice exist in two versions, with a 2.4GHz radio interface or Bluetooth interface. Bluetooth is very handy for those who say they have a laptop with already built-in Bluetooth adapter, so you do not have to use any special additional adapter. Of course, the mouse is fully compatible with any other Bluetooth adapter that can be used on a laptop, and the desktop computer.


Key features

compact dimensions
Bluetooth interface
Micro-gear scroll
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nothing special

Sensor and Resolution: 1000dpi, laser
Interface: Bluetooth
Buttons: 3 + scroll wheel
Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M555b

Mouse outside extremely resembles mentioned V550 Nano, and the only other color says that though it is a different model. The mouse is black in color, with gray shoulder line, and on top of the see and interesting metallic logo manufacturers. If you would have to find the smallest and most comfortable mouse, something like this would certainly be on the shortlist since despite its compact dimensions, it is very comfortable for a longer work, despite being completely symmetrical and it is not ergonomic. Build quality is great, and the mouse is acting quite durable. Quite we like it that there is no special adapters, so that if you are wearing the laptop for example, does not have to think about it at all.

In this model, the upper hand no recesses for the fingers, but the mouse pushbuttons nicely integrated into the contours of the mouse, so it’s not uncomfortable to use. Scroll wheel is made ??of metal, while the middle and rubbed ragged, so it is very easy to use, and to support the Micro-gear technology, pressing the wheel activates hyper scroll that is used when you need to cross a large number of pages. Immediately behind the scroll and there is also a special one-touch search button. On the lower side, but we have three feet, On / Off and Connect the buttons and centalno mounted laser sensor. By pressing a special button on the back side to loosen the cover below which are placed two AA batteries that will withstand up to 4 months of use. LED status LEDs on the upper side will indicate when it is time to replace the batteries.

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This mouse is very good, and although it is not offering autonomy as other wireless models (due to power hungry Bluetooth) it deserves a recommendation. It is offering excellent precision (1000dpi laser sensor), excellent ergonomics and easy installation and there is no need for some special adapters. If you are looking for a Bluetooth mouse, M555b model must be taken into account.

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