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Cooler Master company has decided to expand the family Quickfire by another member. The novelty is the keyboard which will be the main features of durability, quality, and fairly reasonable size. Many users who like the idea of ??purchasing mechanical keyboard rejected the fact that the choice were between the two extremes in terms of size. On the one hand, we have that the Quickfire Trigger Pro and bulky and impractical for those who have limited space. On the other hand Quickfire Rapid is so small that it lacks the numeric keypad, which is not a big drawback for a notebook, but it definitely is when it comes to desktop PC. Obviously, I should offer a compromise and as a result created a Quickfire TK.

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Like any mechanical cooler master keyboard and this has the ability to remove and replace the keys for what is coming and the appropriate tool in the package. Easy system allows you to remove this action done quickly and effortlessly. All you need to do is squeeze the two handles behind the keys with ring and remove it. Best of all is that the keys are removed without any resistance, and the more easily be returned to its place. Even if you lose the supplement, is relatively simple and can be done all the fingers.

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The buttons are laser marked and will not appear common problems that troubles each user to exploit the full keyboard, which is deleting bookmarks. This is great news for those who prefer to buy their device innovation not look worn out after a few months.

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We like the fact that behind each key contains one LED which in our case is red in color and fits in with the color mechanism. These are red Cherry MX mechanisms of the four available apply to the softest. This is probably true, for providing resistance is minimal. However, in practice this is in our opinion the best Cherry MX. Simply typing is done without effort, sensitivity when playing is great, and the sound is hard to tell. If you belong to the “old guard”, the sound will take you back in time, when we used the keyboard with “telephone cable”. We have to admit that every time we take some of the keyboard Quickfire test, let us remember, for us, the most beautiful days of computing.

As we said the keyboard is illuminated in red, and features several modes. First of all there is a full brightness, but if you need just a “gaming” keys or WASD section, you can isolate. Also, there is the option “pulsing” and constant lighting, as well as five different levels of intensity. All in all, a great level of flexibility is commendable.

In the end, it may sound funny, but we can not come up with a specific objection to the Quickfire TK. Eventually the lack of macro keys that will only miss some players, but aside from these few will mourn for them. For those looking for a needle in a haystack is likely to miss palm rest, which could be delivered as an optional accessory, so use it if you have not much space available.

The build quality is flawless and the keyboard seems indestructible, steel reinforcement contributes to say that this is the most convincing keyboard we’ve had a chance to use it.

In addition, the dimensions are quite common, which is another huge plus because you will not have to have a conference table so that you can normally play or work. All in all, Quickfire TK gets a fantastic prize for the development, design and quality, and our unconditional recommendation.

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