iPad-Use the Contacts app-very useful

The usual way to start a conversation with
someone is to open the Messages app,
press the new message icon and then tap in
the To box.This displays all the contacts that
are stored in the Contacts app on the iPad.
Similarly, you can start FaceTime and list your
contacts from within it, selecting one to start a
video call with. It is fine, of course, but there is a
third way to start a conversation with someone
ipad___and that is directly from within the Contacts
app – this has some advantages.
Messages and FaceTime are dedicated to text
and video chatting. Yet if you open Contacts
and select someone, there are buttons that
enable you to choose the communication
method. You can create a text message or start
a video call with a couple of taps. The facilities
go even further and Contacts lists every
possible way someone can be contacted.
For example, they may have an iPad and an
iPhone and use different identities. It is possible
to use an iPhone with a phone number and
an iPad with an email address. By accessing
someone in Contacts you can choose where
to send a message, their iPhone or their iPad, or
which one you want to start a video call with.
Contacts is very useful when people have
multiple ways to contact them. It is also useful
when you need to communicate with several
people, perhaps trying a video call and if they
are not around, sending a Messages message
that they can read when they return. This is
an important point and for FaceTime to work,
the person obviously needs to be available,
so if they don’t answer, you can just return to
Contacts and send them a message. Then they
won’t be left wondering what it was you were
calling about.

1-Choose a contact
Open Contacts and select
the person you want to start
a conversation with or send a
message to. If there is a lot of
information you must swipe to
scroll down to the bottom of the
list. Tap Send Message. There are
lots of options; tapping an email
address sends an email, but a
phone number uses Messages.
2- Use Messages
Selecting a phone number will
always send a message using the
Messages app on an iPad. When
Messages opens, it checks whether
there is a current conversation with
the contact and if there is, you can
continue where you left off last
time. If there aren’t any current
conversations, a new one is created.
Send a message.
3- Use FaceTime
If you tap the FaceTime button in
Contacts, a slightly different menu
is displayed. You can see all the
different ways in which the contact
can be reached, but as this is a
FaceTime video calling function,
there is a video camera icon next
to the contact options that will
work with FaceTime. Tap one of the
video cameras.
4- Video calling
Selecting a FaceTime contact
method calls the person. If they are
available to talk and they choose
to answer the call, you will see
their face after a few seconds.
The toolbar at the bottom of the
FaceTime screen enables you to
mute the audio, end the call or
swap the camera from front to
back for a different view.

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