HTTPS is now” default” option for all Facebook users

Almost two years ago, in januar 2011. years, Facebook has offered all its customers a secure connection with the site, and since the end of last year, HTTPS is the default option for users of social networks in North America. On Wednesday, the company announced that this feature will eventually be included in the default order for all users.
HTTPS provides secure communications between the browser and Facebook’s servers, in this case, that is, data that is sent from the user (browser) to the server company always sent over TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol, which makes them safer when in an attempt to intercept.


According to the company, the presentation of the beginning of 2011., More than a third of users immediately activate this option, even though they were aware of the fact that it can slow down the use of Facebook. At that time, those who would choose to use HTTPS Facebook warned that the pages load slowly and that some features and apps will not work because at that time they did not have HTTPS support. Users would then have to switch to HTTP every time you would like to use any such application.
Now the entire traffic to, version of the site used by desktop users, and 80% of the traffic to, mobile version, to be sure.
The company said it was not easy dadati an “s” at the end of the “http” in the web address.
“Switching to HTTPS is more complicated than it may seem. It is not simply redirect to the, “said Facebook software engineer Scott Renfro, in a blog post that the company announced more security for user data.
Many users access Facebook accounts using public wireless internnet and public computers, and on HTTPS prevents the so-called “man-in-the-middle” attacks and spying on users.

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