How To Efficiently Generate Traffic from StumbleUpon

Even since the Web 2.0 internet took off, the net has continued to evolve as a more social world in which interaction is at an all time high. StumbleUpon is one of the popular sites in the social media world since it allows people to discover new things on the Internet with the help of each other. The desire for information of practically any kind is very high at this site, and the members seem to have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. This is why it is worthy place to leverage in terms of getting traffic to your website. But how do you really go about using StumbleUpon for this purpose?

-stumbleupon-logo-First, you have to be a good stumbler in order to get the recognition of others. The main rule of thumb is that you never say bad things about StumbleUpon. All participating stumblers have one main feature in common. That is they all are in favor of StumbleUpon, in every sense of the word. You should be adamant about doing good things for the site, seeming nice and at the same time do things in a natural manner. The other users will look up to you if you are dedicated.

Secondly, when you are sharing a link make sure that it goes to an internal page and not just to the homepage. Stumblers tend to not like staying with just one website when they are browsing for information. In the Internet world, speed matters and time is scarce, so make sure you’re only linking to targeted pages on a site. Besides, it is a waste of time when you give a link to the homepage when the article is on an inside page.

Last, begin using the StumbleUpon toolbar. It will help you to become familiar with the members and give you a good understanding of how StumbleUpon works. This will motive you to be more productive and work harder on your marketing strategies. In addition, it will also show genuinely show the community that you are committed. This will immediately help you to obtain friends and also help you to become an important aspect of the StumbleUpon community. Remember that all communities are very cautious when it comes to outsiders who are only looking for themselves. This is why you should become a member and provide as much value as possible.

There are so many sites on the net where all you really need to do is follow what is expected. Make a strong effort to see things for how they are, and the fact is you need to avoid rushing. Your rewards will have to learn to wait, but play your cards right and you’ll see nice rewards.

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