How to break into someone’s facebook?

How to break into someone’s facebook? This I found one person who believe it or not, there are only 11. I do not know if Mark Zuckenberg knows about this, but I think this world exclusives and big news. True that pali on each profile.Facebook__

For breaking and entry into someone’s profile on Facebook (if you have someone to blame for example), you need to know the email address with which logs in to Facebook. If you have this information, the more you do not need anything. The procedure is as follows:
Go to Facebook in the first field, type the e-mail address, and password field enter anything. Repeat this a few times, and then you will get the following screen:

After typing these two words, you will have the option to enter a new password. Enter  and that’s it. The person concerned have entered the Facebook! By the way you changed the password so that the person will not get into the power of your Facebook account, because they do not know the new password you set.
There is another way of using mobile phones, and the procedure is as follows:
go and buy any number of unregistered operate
mail if you know the person you want me to be “playing” ga typing where you need to type email and pasword write nonsense 5,6,7 or more times, until you throw it letters
then it should enter (captcha code), and then click submit
after that, the site will ask you to select the authentication type, click (SMS) by typing

or other provider you have, after a few minutes you get a text message with a code that code is entered password instead
and you broke without misery.
This process is ever changing.
5th log in to write longer e-mail, but the number of volunteer and password code you received via SMS or optionally ga changing customer preferences.
One hundred percent works on each profile, only problem is that for every new profile gonna  you think you need to buy a new start for the package because this number can be used only once for one account, so I recommend promo packs
And the last, the newest way to hack into a Facebook account:
Enter your e-mail address … (usually written in the bottom of the window with information on someone’s profile) .. and below the field with a password by clicking “Forgot your password”. It will ask for an email address … Enter the same address as the one to log in to the profile again and click on “Forgot your password” for the mail account … you will open a window in which you answer the security question and it turns you on mail address .. the email address you will get a security code that you type in on Facebook .. iii .. you broke …
Applies, of course, only for those who know a little better .. so you can not answer the security question.

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