Highly recommend-gaming mouse Genius Maurus X

Genius, a company once known for cheap and unwanted hardware, every year presents us all better products. This is Maurus X, gaming mouse designed for those with limited budgets.
Genius ‘GX’ series is certainly known to all who have ever tried to buy a gaming peripherals at very reasonable prices. After last year, the company introduced a mouse ‘Maurus’, this year we had the opportunity to try his successor – ‘Maurus X’.


In the modest package within a few layers of plastic and cardboard is a mouse, a quick reference guide and CD with the appropriate (and extremely useful) software. At first glance, the mouse is extremely pleasing to the eye, and an improvement over the previous year’s version is very much visible. Maurus X so adorn something more modern and sharper lines with the addition of red elements, but also the red lights wheels and the logo which will clearly come to light in the dark.

Mouse in hand, leaves a very solid sense of strength , no creaking plastic characteristic of the cheaper devices . On the left and right side there is a rubberized part that comes thumb . The plastic is coated with a matte color that looks really good , and Genius says that the whole mouse coated with a special ultra -violet coating though , frankly, we have no idea what the true function should have.

USB cable that connects to a computer mouse wrapped the kind of twists, a part of which has been further enhanced mouse plastic so that there is virtually no possibility of damage to the cable is 1.5 m long

The mouse has a total of six buttons including the scroll wheel until both side buttons have two functions . For them , you can only use one because of their position . Specifically, the right-handed is impossible to press the right mouse without unnatural slip -hand with him. The same goes for left-handers and with the left side.

The mouse is completely symmetrical designed which means that identical suit both left-handed and right-handed , but those who are accustomed to a little finer peripherals specifically designed to the right or left hand will need some time getting used to . It is also the only criticism that can make a Genius . While it is commendable that he thought the whole gamer population , the fact that the mouse is therefore uncomfortable .

But let’s get back to the keys . Side by default in Windows used to Back / Forward actions , and the accompanying software they can provide the functions that you want. In addition to the left and right buttons there is a wheel that is a little rougher , but is perfectly responsive .

Above the wheel , there is a brand new key by which the real-time can change DPI sensitivity .

This brings us up to technicalities . As each had a serious mouse on Maurus X there are five levels of DPI sensitivity , from 100 up to 4000th Below the two main keys are OMROM switches that supposedly can withstand even eight million hits .

On the back of the mouse , there is a weight of 50 grams , which is impossible to remove , but for that there will be no need .

As we mentioned earlier , the mouse comes with a corresponding softwer ‘ Scorpion ‘ in which you can adjust each function and each key , and even illumination dial and logo. Serious gamers will certainly come in handy , and the ability to create up to five different profiles through which the mouse can specifically set that every game you are currently playing.
All in all, considering the price, Maurus X does not need to think too much. It is very good that we periphery in a few days apart in their daily work and try games The Witcher 2, Battlefield 3 and Company of Heroes 2, and we have not found him any serious objection.

The process of developing a sense of quality and mouse are also above the level that you would expect in this price range. However, we highly recommend that you try the mouse before buying to see whether you its perfectly symmetrical and universal design.

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