High quality and very quiet keyboard Aneex K508

This keyboard is a minimalist design and very good features, good layout of buttons and a very affordable price. The keys are shallow, low noise and low resistance, and somewhat minimalist design is sure to appeal to many.
We have already mentioned the company Aneex, which is a relatively new name in the market, and it is a Manufacturer of various peripherals of which we have been able to try and. Most attention typically attract keyboards and mice, and what we have seen is that the offer Aneex a pretty diverse, but mostly by standard models. Similarly, the K508 keyboard which is very favorable rates (and is available pretty wide range of customers) and minimalist design.


key Features

The minimalist design
good price

spoil the impression

nothing in particular

Interface: USB 2.0

Aneex K508

Although quite minimalist keyboard design is very interesting. The dimensions are slightly more compact than the average, with buttons that are located above the base, with sharp lines and small spacing between. They are completely flat upper surface, and somewhat reminiscent of the very popular chiclet system. The keyboard is flat, except that the upper part can be picked up using the plastic pins on the back, to get the angle that is comfortable to work longer, which proved to be quite accurate in practice. As expected, this keyboard does not require any special installation on the system, but only a free USB port on the computer, and after a few seconds it’s ready to work.

aneex-1 aneex-2

The keys are very shallow and very quiet, with muted click, and of course it is a classical mechanism of the membrane, which is pretty quiet for those who love it. This keyboard does not support anti-ghosting technology, so that it will recognize a few keys that are pressed at the same time, which means that it is not exactly ideal for gamers. However, the layout and size of the buttons is no deviation from the average, so the bar will not be getting used to the new keyboard. We see that the present-Latin characters, so it will fit most and those who consume a lot of text, but also because we have the numbers to the right a separate numeric keypad, which is still indispensable when to let slip a lot of numbers in a table.

The keyboard characterizes high quality and we did not notice anything that deviates from that, so at 6 Euros you will get an excellent quality keyboard and a great performance. Although each of us likes a specific type of a keyboard, this model is similar to the better models for a laptop, and a small resistance and shallow keys will suit the majority of users. Overall, for 6 Euros it is hard to expect anything more than this.

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