Connect your PC to the Internet using wireless USB modem

For a computer to exchange data with other computers on the network, it is
that there are:
1. The communication unit,
2. Communication and media
3. Communication software
The communication unit is usually in supplement form or card terminal devices
connects to a computer system, and it is then connected communication medium. there is
tasked to coordinate computers that are connected and that the data is transmitted between computers
into the form in which they were previously stored in the computer (digital data) in the form
suitable for transporting data through communication media (analog data). data
Received on the other side must be restored to a digital format to be read by the computer.
A device that converts analog signals to digital (and vice versa), is called a modem.
Communication medium used to interconnect computers. transfer Rate
data between two computers is measured by the number of bits transmitted per second. communication
media can be:
– Wire (wire, optical fibers) and
– Wireless (radio waves, microwaves …).
computerWireless communication mediums used when financially worth asking Wire
communications media because of geographical inaccessibility of the terrain where the same and
Communications software consists of programs that enable communication between two computers
using communication devices and communication media. Divided into:
1) The drivers and
2) application programs.
Drivers allow the smooth operation of the communication device or control his
Application programs are used to enable computer users very easy
communicate with other computers on the network.
This book will explain how to connect to the Internet using the wireless USB
modem, which connects to the Internet using a medium of communication, among other things,
broadband wireless network. Broadband wireless, and broadband wireless
Internet provides mobile operators (hereafter ISPs), although not
always be so. As the modem will be used HUAWEI Mobile Broadband E153.
Of course, if you have any other wireless USB modem, the procedure is exactly the same.

Before you begin the process of creating a new Internet connection, you need to install
two programs to make your wireless modem properly on newly installed Ubuntu Linux
10.04.3 LTS operating system. To install this software, you must first
download their installation packages from the Internet on a computer that is already connected to the Internet,
and then save the installation package to a removable storage media, as
install them on your Ubuntu Linux operating system that is not yet connected to the

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