30th pick at the NBA draft Nedovic in Golden State Warriors

A player of the Serbian basketball national team and the 30th pick at the NBA draft Nemanja Nedovic has officially signed a two-year contract with the Golden State Warriors. He shall wear a jersey with number eight. He shall stay in Las Vegas until the end of the week where he is to play in the Summer League after which he shall join the Serbian national team in preparations for the European Championship.

The former basketball player of the Red Star has thus become the 22nd player from Serbia to sign the NBA contract and the first one since the year of 2007. He is expected to earn about a million of Dollars per season.

-Nemanja Nedovic
‘Officially a warrior’ Nedovic wrote on his Twitter Profile.

Visibly excited Nedovic explained in his first interview why he has chosen the jersey with number eight to wear having in mind that the Golden State has withdrawn the number sixteen in honor to Al Attles.

‘When I started training my first number was eight and I took number sixteen when I signed the first professional contact. So I took my first number again’.

Happy and excited about everything that has happened to him, Nedovic is determined to keep his feet firm on the ground.

‘At the moment I only want to bring energy to the game, I want to attack but also to play on the other side of the court. I shall certainly train intensively to deserve minutes and place in the team. I am an athlete I can run well and people like to watch such players’, Nedovic says.

Coach Mark Jackson, known for giving priority to work with young players said that he would give opportunity to Nedovic to play with Stephan Carrey and a new player Tony Douglas.

Team mates on Twitter

Shortly after signing of the contract, congratulations from everywhere started arriving on Nedovic’s Twitter profile. The most outstanding one came from Andrew Bogut and Kent Masemore who wished Nemanja welcome in Serbian Language. Large room was given to him by the Golden State officials at the club’s official site including some expert opinions that praised Nemanja Nedovic.

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