2.1 speaker system-Great Sound-New Microlab FC20

One of the 2.1 speaker system known companies that we know the great speakers from all categories. These speakers are the total power of 40W and deliver a powerful and very well balanced sound, especially good for those who love the guitar and the heavy sound.
Microlab is considered one of the best manufacturers of computer speakers, and if we can talk about the HiFi sound (which of course many audiophiles challenge in the beginning), Microlab has models that provide a sound way above average. FC20 model we tested is one of the Fine Cone Speaker Series, which characterized by a really great sound, and where we have been able to see a number of models that are value for money garnered various awards. This is a 2.1 system with a separate subwoofer, but still compact enough for every table, easy to install, with a rather pleasant sound and a separate wireless remote control. Though not very cheap, for the price give sound which is hard to find.


Key Features

Great sound, especially bass
Wireless Remote Control
spoil the impression

nothing in particular

System: 2.1
Interface: 3.5mm
Power: 40W RMS (2x 10W Satellites + 20W subwoofer)
In addition, wireless remote
Microlab FC20

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With satellites measuring 83×194.5×86.5 mm subwoofer 220x226x246.5 mm, this is one of the more compact 2.1 system, since the satellites take very little desk space, and, as always, should be reserved for the subwoofer a little more floor space. The satellites were placed in plastic boxes with built-in sound base of translucent plastic and have metal and attractive protective netting that kept popping up. On the other hand, the subwoofer is housed in a massive box of plywood, which is coated with the speaker facing forward (also a safety grille), while the bass reflex vent the air back. This means among other things that would not be advisable to place the back of the subwoofer to the wall, but it needs a little get away for the best results.


Connectivity is maximum simplified, satellites have fixed cables that plug into the back of the subwoofer (properly labeled RCA connectors), and there is a power connector (external adapter), On / Off switch with a green status LED and Volume knob, and a 3.5mm connector for audio input. In the package with a pretty handy remote that is wireless (requires two AAA batteries to power) and is actually a potentiometer to adjust the volume and separate bass and Mute (in press). As has been matched to the speakers, it can immediately begin to use it. It’s pretty easy, but it will not slide off the table because it has rubber feet on the back.
A 5″ subwoofer speaker and two 2.5″ tweeter speakers are responsible for the sound with a total power of 40W, which is enough to get loud and clear sound. Although it is intended for all music genres, the best results are going to be provided when listening to music rich with a bass sound; the same goes for movies. The sound is good in dynamics and has a powerful bass that can be reinforced and even shake the windows. Although 40W might not sound a lot (of which 10W go to satellites and 20W to subwoofer) it will provide specific sound for those who like to listen to loud music and movies.

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