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Oppo PM-3_

Stylish pair of headphones-Oppo pm-3

[contextly_auto_sidebar] The Oppo PM-3 are outstanding, the build quality is fantastic, the accessories and packaging incredible, and to be frank, the audio is absolutely astonishing—second only to ...

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Plantronics BackBeat PRO+–COULD THESE BE THE MOST IMPRESSIVE BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS YET? The ergonomics are effective – a slide switch for power on the right cup, ...

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Logitech G933_th

Comfortable Logitech G933 artemis spectrum

Logitech G933- They’re huge—gigantic.They are comfortable, certainly, but by god, are they big! We simply can’t stress that enough. On top of that, they are a little ...

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LG 55EG960T-1_th

Best TV In 2015 UHD LG 55EG960T OLED panel

We could give that full-HD model an award, but now that the UHD version has arrived here, we should rise to enjoy the combination of ...

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MSI B150_thumb

Better than Z97-Great MSI B150 Gaming M3

THIS is how B150 should be put together. A clean, slick, black-and-red gaming motherboard, with just enough bells and whistles to keep you happy. No doubt ...

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DDR4 Ballistix Elite 2666__

DDR4 Ballistix Elite 2666 32GB for extreme overclockers

One of the best reasons to adopt a Skylake processor from Intel is to enjoy the benefits of using DDR4, and this kit delivers a ...

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He10,First 10TB Helium Drive from Western Digital

Western Digital’s HGST division beat several other competitors to the punch by shipping the first 10TB PMR hard drive. The company says its new drive ...

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Samsung 850 EVO__drive-th

The best AHCI PCIe drive you can find on the market

Intel 530 360 GB $300 This is a decent drive for, say, an older NUC, or small-form-factor PC. But it’s still SATA and only a ...

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